Invest in Affordability
and Excellence

The Wheaton Fund represents an ongoing investment in the College’s highest priorities: keeping Wheaton affordable for every student and continuing our tradition of excellence by investing in Christ-centered faculty and programming.

When you support the Wheaton Fund, you provide much needed operational funds that help us to:

* Keep Wheaton affordable by funding areas not supported by tuition alone, effectively reducing the overall cost for every student.

* Foster excellence in liberal arts instruction and student programming by providing competitive faculty salaries and supporting Christian outreach experiences, athletic programs, and faith-affirming chapel worship.

* Your Wheaton Fund gift today, goes to work tomorrow for Wheaton students.

In other words, your gift is an investment in the entire Wheaton College experience. The importance of the Wheaton Fund is characterized by its inclusion among the From the Heart, For the Kingdom’s initiatives with its goal of $30 million.

“Wow, what a miracle. Wheaton was a life changing experience. It changed everything about us.”

[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”—Georgeta Boanca ’17 ” company=””]Thank you for giving to Wheaton. Because of the donations, I can attend an amazing institution that allows me to grow in my faith and academic ability. As a first-generation college student, I truly appreciate it.[/us_testimonial]
Your gifts to the Wheaton Fund support one of the College’s highest priorities and invests in the comprehensive Wheaton experience. Read more about the Wheaton College’s commitment to affordability and excellence today through The Wheaton Fund.