Empowering Future Generations

More than a decade ago, the Oxford University administration faced a daunting architectural challenge. In one of their venerable but timeworn dining halls, the 500-year-old beams buttressing the ceiling had begun to rot. Eventually, however, the university’s forester declared the problem solved. Half a millennium ago, a group of prescient individuals had planted a grove of hardy oak trees in anticipation of this eventual need. Now, 500 years later, the wood was mature enough to replace the aging ceiling.

Like these Oxford benefactors, Wheaton alumni, parents, and friends who support the College through planned gifts are forward-looking individuals faithful to a future that will outlive them. They are confident, however, that their gifts will continue to bear fruit for many years to come, and that their legacy of generosity and faithfulness to God’s call will live on in perpetuity.

Wheaton College offers a diverse array of planned giving options, from bequests to life income gifts to Donor Advised Funds. Unlike the Oxford forest, which took hundreds of years to mature, your gifts will have a far more immediate impact on students by supporting programs, infrastructure, and resources of the highest caliber and helping to secure a Christ-centered education for generations to come.

Many alumni and friends use planned gifts as an effective means of Christian stewardship while redirecting their assets to ministry that otherwise might be lost in estate taxes, capital gains taxes, or income taxes. Read more about the Wheaton College’s commitment to the highest-quality Christian liberal arts education for generations to come through your generous Planned Gifts.