A Biblical
Understanding of Diversity

As a community of believers learning to be guided by God’s Spirit in all areas of life, Wheaton College recognizes that seeking godly unity is an ongoing priority. We strive for understanding, seeking to honor Christ by diligently pursuing a diverse community that reflects the whole of God’s Kingdom.

To this end, From the Heart, For the Kingdom seeks to deepen ethnic diversity at Wheaton by:

  • Incorporating into the curriculum and classroom environment topics that engage students with a biblical understanding of culture and diversity in the church and society.
  • Growing relationships between our Admissions office and communities of color to encourage students of color to make Wheaton College a school of choice.
  • Increasing our ability to offer full and partial diversity-focused scholarships.
  • Increasing the presence of underrepresented communities of color on campus by establishing relationships in feeder areas so that Wheaton can more effectively compete with other schools trying to recruit the same students.
  • Increasing the presence of people of color in faculty and administrative roles.

Of course deepening ethnic diversity is not simply a matter of increasing the number of people of color in the Wheaton College community. We must also apply intentionality to improving the quality of their experience, creating a safe and nurturing environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors of all ethnic backgrounds.

“There is a fire that burns for God on this campus. We can be a part of shedding light into people’s lives.”

Students, faculty, and staff embrace living in a diverse learning community that values cultural differences. Read more about the Wheaton College’s commitment to deepening ethnic diversity