A Vigorous, Christ-Centered Education
of the Whole Person

In an era in which most national colleges and universities are narrowly focused on preparing students solely to compete in the marketplace, Wheaton College is focused on preparing students to do more. Our students experience life in greater, Christ-filled abundance.

In addition to rigorously preparing students for success in their chosen career, we also care about nurturing their character. We strive to prepare them for deeply fulfilling vocations and lives of purpose and meaning. We work to shape young men and women—mind, heart, body, and soul—into all that God intends them to be. According to a recent study published in the scholarly journal Liberal Education, liberal arts colleges have declined by nearly 40 percent since 1990. Wheaton remains one of only 130 institutions of higher learning nationwide that continues to uphold a bona fide liberal arts curriculum.

Your partnership with From the Heart, For the Kingdom will help Wheaton College strengthen its historic legacy of liberal arts excellence through our dynamic new curriculum, Christ at the Core. Anchored in God’s Word and strategically designed to help each student identify his or her unique vocational calling, Christ at the Core keeps a Wheaton education grounded in the person of Jesus Christ and in his truth as revealed in Scripture.

By opening minds for making connections, the Christ at the Core
curriculum is preparing students for not only their first job but their sixth and their ninth.

A sampling of the engaging, new Christ at the Core courses:

Examples from the Thematic Core
Poverty, Justice, and Transformation
Social Life of Cities
Jane Austen in Her Time and Ours
Culture, Media and Society

Examples of First Year Seminars from the Shared Core
Biology and the Glory of God
Good Life in a Media Age
Who Do I Want to Be?
Spiritual Practices
The Value of Creativity
How Do We Help the Poor?
Diversity and Community
Living in God’s Creation

Examples of Advanced Integrative Seminars from the Shared Core
Human Trafficking: Causes, Consequences, and Responses
Making the Modern Middle East
Emerging Adult Faith
Engaging Arts in the City
The Christian and Environmental Stewardship

This whole-person education readies students for all of the callings of the Christian life. Christ at the Core prepares students to live fully in the world while never forgetting that they are set apart by God to help build the church and benefit society worldwide.

A Christ-centered liberal arts education has many practical benefits that most graduates reap over a lifetime of kingdom service and gospel witness. Read more about the Wheaton College’s commitment to a high-quality Christian liberal arts education through the Christ at the Core curriculum.