Together we will empower students and faculty in efforts to reach higher levels of artistic achievement, cultural influence, and ministerial reach through the Conservatory of Music’s new, and much-improved, Armerding Center for Music and the Arts. We will invest in Wheaton students by making refinements to Christ at the Core, our unique, comprehensive Christian liberal arts curriculum that gives students more freedom to follow their vocational interests and to engage in rich intellectual inquiry beyond the classroom.

Enhancing Music and the Performing Arts: Invest in the Armerding Center for Music and the Arts

Attract the highest-caliber student musicians bringing the arts to the heart of campus and inviting all students to participate in artistic engagement while creating a vibrant musical experience for our campus, family and guests.

Liberal Arts Excellence: Christ at the Core Curriculum

Provide students with an innovational educational model that relates a Christian liberal arts experience to the dynamic challenges of the twenty-first century.


Together we will provide the tools Wheaton students require to succeed in the twenty-first century workplace, in the church, and at home. A diverse student body will experience opportunities for cross-cultural engagement on campus and around the globe, creating better understanding of our global neighborhood.

Preparing Students for the Global Neighborhood: Global and Experiential Learning

Grant students the opportunity to access cross-cultural learning experiences, scholar exchanges, and student research abroad while equipping faculty to bring global perspectives into the classroom.

Realizing Students’ Goals for Success: Invest in the Center for Vocation and Career

Empower students with a clear biblical understanding of God’s calling in their lives through programming that systematically integrates vocational discovery with successful career exploration.

Reflecting the Diversity of God’s Kingdom: Deepening Ethnic Diversity

Foster a diverse learning community that values cultural differences, welcomes people of color, and anticipates the financial challenges experienced by some students through robust scholarship aid.


Together we will keep a Wheaton education affordable. But being reachable is about more than affordability. It is about creating a space where students know they will flourish. It is about students feeling welcomed and accepted, about providing a place at the table for all qualified Christian students regardless of their ability to pay for their education. And, it is about intentionally welcoming students and guests into the Wheaton family.

Investing in Every Wheaton Student on Campus: The Wheaton Fund

Ensure the most economical price tag possible for all qualified students while also ensuring that the quality of the most essential facets of a Wheaton education achieves the highest possible caliber today.

An Investment in Hospitality: The New Welcome Center

Ensure that prospective students and their families, alumni, parents, friends, and other guests alike will be welcomed and informed in this new multi-functional Welcome Center, the centrally-located “front door” to campus.

Providing the Way for All Qualified Students to Attend: Need-Based Scholarships

Keep a Wheaton College education available for students with the widest range of financial need—not just those who can afford it. This is an ongoing need for many of our students.

Ensuring a Wheaton Education for Future Students: Planned Giving

Provide today’s students with an excellent education now, and secure Wheaton College’s high-quality, Christ-centered education for generations to come.