The Wheaton College Performing Arts Campaign Cabinet is a group of outstanding individuals with a deep appreciation for the arts. With a wide range of gifts and abilities, from many different professions and walks of life, the cabinet members are more than a mouthpiece; they are true advocates for furthering the performing arts on campus through the creation of the Armerding Center for Music and the Arts and they are committed to earnest prayer on behalf of its progress. As key volunteer leaders, the Cabinet will actively assist the College to reach our $62 million goal to build a state-of-the-art performing arts center for the benefit of the students, faculty, and guests on the Wheaton College campus!

Meet the Cabinet Members

Jonathan Armerding ’79

Debby Armerding ’82

Kedrick Armstrong ’16

Ann Barkley ’77

Harold Best

Jerry Blackstone ’74

Marsha Crawford Coats ’66

Kenneth Cox ’75

Darby Fitch Gerlicher ’15

David Hamilton ’86

Sandy Hamilton ’86

Tracy Kooman

Peter Kooman ’76

Karen Langstraat ’66

Will Liverman ’10

Suzanna Mathews ’14

Darrellyn Melilli ’58

David Melilli

Stephen Morscheck ‘81

Marty O’Donnell ’77

Jill Mitchell Rommel ’77

Heather Roberts ’93

Stephen Roberts ’93

Douglas Yeo ‘76

Lee Augsburger ’81, New Jersey
Sharon Augsburger, New Jersey
Nolan Carter ’14, Illinois
Frank Fernandes ’80, Illinois
Wendy Fernandes, Illinois
Robert C. Hamilton, California
Leslie Hamilton, California

Excitement About the New Armerding Center’s Impact for All Students

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