An Education for All

Although Wheaton College is one of the most cost-effective institutions of higher learning in America and its tuition costs remain well below the market price for an institution of our quality and global reputation, it still remains out of reach for many of the capable students God calls to study here.

Just as Wheaton aspires to influence the world with the transforming power of Christ, the College must welcome gifted students of all backgrounds, including those for whom a Wheaton education would not be possible without the faithful generosity of others.

By supporting need-based scholarships, you help make it possible for students from all walks of life to access the privilege of a Wheaton education. Give to need-based scholarships through From the Heart, For the Kingdom campaign and transform young men and women from all walks of life, all facets of society, and diverse parts of the globe into the leaders of tomorrow. This is the kingdom of God in action.

You never know what opportunities God will open up for you.
Watch the video to hear more about need-based scholarships.